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Leather Shin Instep Guard Leg Pads ★ Protective Gear Thai Kickboxing Pad ★ Muay Training Guards Pro Kick Foot Protector UFC. Sparring. Boxing ★ Made From High Quality Buffalo Leather

SKU: 00030197
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Product Specification

100% PREMIUM HIDE BUFFALO LEATHER: Specifically chosen for the extremely high levels of durability making your pads last longer.
SUPER SIZED DOUBLE STRAPPING (Both straps: 8cm width): For the most secure and confident fitting possible. The enlarged straps are also crafted from BUFFALO LEATHER.
GRIP STRONG VELCRO ENCLOSURES: Creating the best fitting possible with maximum comfort.
ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Giving genuinely great levels of protection without unnecessarily taxing your legs.
SUPERB GEL INFUSED PROTECTION THAT MOLDS TO YOUR LEG OVER TIME: The depth of the shin protection has been increased to safely protect professionals shins from leg strikes over and over again. (30mm depth throughout)

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Are Your Leg Strikes Above Average If so you need above average protection and durability. Valour Strike's PREMIUM Leg Guards are far better than anyone's average. in fact they are pretty damn impressive. What we have done is understand pro fighters requirements and respond to them.
Below are the key areas Professional Fighters said they considered:
Durability & Resistance To Tearing:
Well we have this locked down. With Premium Buffalo Leather throughout the resistance levels to tearing or general wear is outstanding. Cowhide leather is good but Buffalo leather is another level. Plus on a trivial note it just sounds better. what do you want to be a Buffalo or a Cow
Strap Size & Strength:
Again the strength is there in the form of Buffalo leather. When we spoke to the pro's they said they feel better with extended straps. so that's just what we did. With both straps a perfect 8cm width.
Reliable Rigid Padding:
Protection is obviously huge to pro's. but pro's also don't want bouncy castles strapped to their legs that cushion to much of the blow. So our premium leg guards use rigid gel infused foam set at an increased 30mm depth throughout.
Not everything in MMA is Black & White. but these premium BUFFALO leather leg guards look awesome in black and white. With the simple yet stylish design they ooze professionalism.
Brand & Customer Service:
Feeling like a valued customer and trusting a brand is huge to everyone. Here at Valour Strike we pride ourselves on delivering 5* performance throughout all of our product range.